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Fight for shape representation as advocates with intersecting shapes. Play across multiple generations, starting with one built by ⭐️ bellied owls. Can you guide your hand of owl cards towards acceptance?

Each generation consists of about 4 games, and each game is made up of about 6 tricks. Each trick, players will either closet a card to remove it from their hand, or reveal a card. Revealed cards add to their shape’s visibility score, with shapes in parliament giving a bonus each trick. All cards of the winning shapes are ✅ accepted, and all other cards are ❌ rejected.

The player with the most accepted cards adds one to parliament as the winner, which will shape the rules and bonuses for future generations. What legacy will you leave behind in your fight for opacity?


This game has changed rather significantly over time!  There is a Version E being designed!

Version D

This is the latest version of the game, but is no longer print and playable with a standard 52 deck of cards. Each card has rules along their side that are introduced in while they're in parliament, and a generation sheet keeps track of permanent bonuses between sessions.

Print and Play

This print and play requires 12 sheets of paper: 4 for the rules, 8 for cards, and 1 shared with the generation sheet.  The backs of the cards are not included.

Version C

Standard poker deck required for play.  Poker deck not included.

This version plays a bit more intuitively than Version A, and the rules are a bit more robust.

Version A

Standard poker deck required for play.  Poker deck not included.

The original version, still good, if a bit simpler.   


All proceeds for this will go to GLAAD and their mission of improving acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ community with representation through media.  Alternatively, you could just, cut out the middlewoman, get this for free, and donate directly to them.  I'd be grateful either way!  Thank you for your interest in this little project!


Play Online

You can play the latest version of the game that uses custom cards on screentop.gg for free here!


Other Stuff

If you'd like to see the other things I'm working on or follow me on social media, you can find all these things and more on my website!


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AuthorXoe (it/its)
GenreCard Game
Tagsactivism, charity, legacy, LGBT, LGBTQIA, pnp, poker, Print & Play, trick-taking


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Opacity Rules (Version D).pdf 5.9 MB
Opacity Print and Play (Version D, Ink Friendly) 25 MB
Opacity Print and Play (Version D, Detailed) 45 MB
Opacity Print and Play (Version C) 2.2 MB
Opacity Print and Play (Version A) 4.8 MB

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