Unique Card Rule Modifications

I've updated the print and plays to have the most recent Version D.  This version diverges quite a bit, as it introduces game modifications that occur when those cards are added to parliament.  To keep things sane, these cards cycle in and out.  However, to capture the thematic component of making incremental changes over time, I also introduce a score sheet that is used to keep track of the shape of parliament that also introduces permanent bonuses between sessions, called generations.

The fun thing about these customizable cards is that it allows me to introduce cards that have an intersectional impact on the representation in parliament, like individual owls that bring two different suits of representation. I initially introduced the idea of privilege by having the high value cards have star suits on them, but decided it was better if they had a unique symbol that represented the over represented suit.  It would for most purposes still be stars, but it would explain mechanically how these owls are not necessarily stronger for being star owls, but just stronger because they conform to what is popular.

I hope you enjoy!


Opacity Rules (Version D).pdf 5 MB
Jul 31, 2022
Opacity Print and Play (Version D, Ink Friendly) 25 MB
Jul 31, 2022
Opacity Print and Play (Version D, Detailed) 45 MB
Jul 31, 2022

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