Campaign Goals

So I've gotten a few pieces of feedback enough that I feel compelled to address it, specifically:

  1. Wanting a resolution to the legacy campaign.
  2. Feeling of unfairness and unbalance in the game.

So, I didn't really want to address #1, but I'm going to try, in a way that I hope addresses #2, but not in a way playtesters who had this feedback probably had in mind.  I had gotten this idea from my first blind playtest from a really good friend, and wasn't sure entirely how to integrate it, but I'm going to add two distinct suits to each owl card, and a sort of wild parliament delegate card called the "High Plume".

This "High Plume" card would join a dominant suit in Parliament when it gets maxed out so to speak, for a single game.  You'll see this most often with diamonds, so if the represented suit after a game is diamonds, the high plume card would be nestled between the existing diamond delegates, and diamonds would have a +10 instead of a +8 for the next game.  If another delegate is added, then the high plume card would be removed until the maxed out suit wins another game.

So the campaign goal would be to have the High Plume move between the two suits on your owl card.  This means that you would need to get all 4 delegates for both of your suits into parliament, then manage to make one suit win, then the other.  This means that half of the owls, the ones with diamonds, would have an inherent advantage over the other owls with no diamonds, as they only need to get one suit to 4 in order to be in a campaign winning position. This means that as a non-diamond owl, a diamond owl will ALWAYS be in a position to win the campaign before you even have a chance of winning the campaign.

This is all intentional, everything is fine.  People obsess about balance too much in my opinion, but life is unfortunately not fair, especially not right now.


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Sep 12, 2021

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