Clarity and Style

I've updated both the primary version A and the beta version B.  Both changes include new illustrations from Rebecca Thomas!

Aside from the art changes, the wording of the rules were updated from unguided tests, hopefully to be clearer.

The beta version changes are a bit more wild and untested. With the overarching campaign, it seems a bit more relevant for there to be a little more balance, and I'm trying out having the unused decks included as part of the rejection phase of clean up, to give the most rejected player power in the next game, but also to add more variability to the games with cards being cycled in and out of those decks.  I have a feeling it is a lot more clutter for not much benefit, but, that's what testing will be for.

Note:  I still need to update the playing cards io file.


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Nov 09, 2021
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Nov 09, 2021

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