Xoe (it/its)

Your computer liberating AI ex girlfriend.
A lyric journaling game about freedom of movement
A look into the daily lives of card nobility for one player
The Victorian courtship game of deduction, catfishing, and conceding power.
A 1 vs many game of logical evidence analysis
Navigate an irreconcilable divide with your partner
A multi-victor game about building an engine for survival.
A subversive party infiltration game about organizing against a managerial force.
A solo flip and write about my ok dating experience
A Mosaic Strict magical item for extracting and implanting memories
A Mosaic Strict governing force that's viciously non-violent
A Mosaic Strict cult that fanatically shares your deepest desire
A bookmark passport keepsake game your reading journey
A self exploration story with a parasitic AI
A “legacy trick-taking” game about advocating under an owl-igarchy
A semi co-parenting game
A competitive rules lawyer game
A game about harmony through inaction
A legacy write and roll gerrymandering game