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A 1 vs many game of logical evidence analysis

Players: 2-7Playtime: 30 minutes

This is an early access print and play version with place holder art! Conspirator abilities need serious development!

A devious conspirator is carefully crafting a web of influence over this city. Only a ragtag group of sleuths have taken notice, gathering traces of evidence left in their wake. It will only take one key piece of evidence to bring down the conspirator’s master plan.

With every examination, the conspirator prepares and schemes. They’ll run out the clock, rig evidence, and even disrupt the sleuths’ lives. A sleuth may find their loyalties align with the conspirator’s ambitions, and even sabotage the investigation to aid them. Will you unravel this web of conspiracy, or help weave it?

Print and Play

This print and play requires 9 sheets of paper: 2 for the rules, 6 for cards, and 1 for tokens.  The backs of the cards are optional.

Play Online

You can play the latest version of the game on screentop.gg for free here!


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