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NOTE:  This game is currently under development.  The print and play is slightly out of date.

Navigate an irreconcilable divide with your partner

Players: 2Playtime: 15 minutes

Content Warning: This game centers unhealthy power dynamics, creating frustrating and unfair experiences that the players must reconcile.

The Conflict

The players star as a fairy tale couple – the stable stalwart 🏰 & intrepid idealist 🦋– mired in a quarrel. Change your partner’s mind by shifting cards of your suit into their deck, keeping some cards for their actions.

Will you cooperate for a mutual agreement, or will you dominate the story?

If no one changes, you might just separate.

Print and Play

This print and play requires 4 sheets of paper: 1 for the hookbox / play area, 1 for the rules, and 2 for cards.  The backs of the cards are optional.

Play Online

You can play the latest version of the game on screentop.gg for free here!



This game was a finalist for the Life.Love. Game Design Challenge, as a non-violent game about power and control in relationships.

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Conviction PnP 16 MB
Rules 16 MB

Install instructions

Print the PnP PDF.  The first 2 pages are for the optional hook box / play area.  The 3rd page is for the optional rules folio.  The 4th page is meant to be the back of the 5th and 6th pages.

The Rules PDF has searchable text.

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